This offer must be treated as confidential and is intended for you alone. It must not be passed on to third
parties. All details as set out are based either on statements made by the owner or documents provided by the
latter or property management. Our attached “General Business and Commission Terms” apply with
supplementary force. Modifications, errors and prior sale reserved.

Office building

Buyer’s commission
3.57% including 19% VAT
NOTE: The particulars supplied by us are based on the owner’s information. No guarantee and liability can be
assumed for the accuracy and completeness of the particulars. The “General Terms of Business” apply.
Errors, modifications and prior sale reserved.
BUYER’S COMMISSION: On conclusion of a notarised contract of sale, commission in the amount of 3.57%
including VAT (commission for arranging/acting as agent in the sale) of the sale price will be payable by the
buyer to the company Hohlfeld Immobilien e.K. as agent.

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